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S$4 only Per strip

S$4 only Per strip

How to extend the life of a hearing aid battery

While there aren’t any full-proof methods of extending battery life, there are a few steps to follow to ensure the power isn’t being wasted.

When not in use, batteries can be taken out of the hearing aid and stored in a small, safe place. If this isn’t an option, simply turn the hearing device off when not in use and leave the battery compartment door open overnight. Not only will this help keep battery power from being wasted, taking out the batteries of a hearing aid and leaving the compartment open can allow any moisture that has built up from daily use to evaporate overnight. Not only can leaving this compartment open help maintain battery life, it can help extend the life of a hearing device!

To get optimal performance from your battery, always store them at room temperature. Heat exposure has been shown to shorten their life, in addition to a humid environment such as a bathroom or inside the car. Also, batteries shouldn’t be carried loose in pockets, a purse or a backpack where they might come into contact with other metal pieces. Items such as change or keys can short-circuit the hearing aid batteries.


S$4 only Per strip

Battery life
One of the most common questions individuals have about hearing aid batteries is how long they will last. Generally speaking, they can last anywhere from five to 14 days, based on a 16 hour per day use cycle. This is of course dependent upon the size of the battery and power needed by the hearing aid. Typically, smaller ones don’t last quite as long because their size restricts the amount of power stored in them.

The average life span of hearing aid batteries is as follows:
Size 10 - three to seven days                        Size 312 - three to 10 days                                  Size 13 - six to 14 days                                      Size 675 - nine to 20 days

If a hearing aid user is experiencing shortened battery life, it’s possible there is an issue with the hearing device. A hearing aid wearer should consult their device manual or contact their hearing healthcare professional to make sure everything is working properly.

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Hearing aid batteries:

Hearing aid batteries exists in different sizes: 10, 312, 13 and 675. 
All manufacturers use an industry standard color code on their zinc air tabs and packaging


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