Hearing aid repairs,Servicing and Programming:

Today's hearing aids are built to be durable and withstand much use and abuse; however, there are certain elements that can still cause

damage to hearing aids and require them to be repaired. With simple cleaning and care steps hearing aid repair can be prevented. The

most common reason for a hearing aid to require repair is the buildup of ear wax or debris within the hearing aid. Other causes of hearing

aid repair include: exposure to water, physical damage from being dropped or stepped on, exposure to high levels of humidity or prolonged

exposure to extreme temperatures (i.e. left in your car during summer or winter). Hearing aids may also simply need repair after a few years

of use. Keep in mind they are small devices that house miniature electronic parts. Over time dust and debris may enter the hearing aid

through the microphones or sound opening, which can eventually cause damage to internal parts.

If you have a problem with your hearing aid, we can help.  Don't worry if it is out of warranty with the manufacturer, as we can deal with any make and any model of hearing aid. 

We understand how important it is for you to receive your hearing aid back from repair quickly and working to its full potential.  We use original parts, unless they’re discontinued due to the age of the hearing aid.

Our technicians are trained to the highest standard and have many years of experience in

repairing all brands of hearing aids including:


Standard Repair - s$100

Clean and Check Service - S$25.00
Hearing Aid Programming Charge with Audiometry S$100

We offer a very clear pricing structure with no hidden extras. So if a repair is going to cost more than our standard charge we won't go ahead until you’ve given us the OK.

Our standard repair comes with a 6 month warranty against component failure, excluding amplifiers and RIC units, to give you complete peace of mind. You can also send us your hearing aid for a free, no obligation quote. And if you decide not to go ahead with the repair, we’ll return it to you at no extra cost.

As well as repairs we offer clean and check service. We also supply batteries, wax guards and accessories including; drying box kits, replacement drying pellets and hearing aid cleaning kits.

Programming for all Major Companies available

We provide programming of Hearing Aids for all Major companies. Our qualified audiologist will do a Hearing Test and program it customized to your hearing needs.

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We believe that with along with premium Hearing technologies we offer something what matters most is updated knowledge, listening and understanding to the problems, after sales services, friendliness, 24x7 availability, professional ethics and commitment toward the client. This is what makes us different from other i.e. OUR CLIENT CARE

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