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We believe that with along with premium technologies we offer something what matters most is updated knowledge, listening and understanding to the problems, after sales services, friendliness, 24x7 availability, professional ethics and commitment toward the client. This is what makes us different from other i.e. OUR CLIENT CARE

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We believe that with along with premium technologies something what matters most is updated knowledge, listening and understanding the problems, after sales services, friendliness, 24x7 availability, professional ethics and commitment toward the client.

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"I have had difficulty in hearing for a long time. I approached UHear after visiting several specialists. They gave me Home trial of Hearing Aids for a week without any charges and security deposit.

The level of service and the effort taken to give satisfaction by UHear is excellent. I will strongly recommend there center especially because I could try the Hearing Aids in my Home environment before buying. It gave me confidence and satisfaction as I saw my other friends who sems to be unsatisfied by there devices as they could not try the hearing aids. I have asked all of them also to go and give it Try at UHear.
They are so kind, courteous and warm to the clients.  Many Thanks"- 

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"UHear staff is very very friendly. They provide me with excellent service on conducting my Hearing Test and solving the problem I was facing with my Hearing. They are so polite, considerate and helpful to the clients."  

"I am quite pleased with the service from Vikrant (Audiologist in UHear) who is a professional and excellent service provider. I appreciate the friendly approach." 

"I am very happy Vikrant (Audiologist in UHear) is very nice to talk to smiles a lot. He is very patient and made sure that I am comfortable with the hearing aids.

I am a very satisfied customer of UHear . I have been using their services since last 4 year , and never did it happen that they would have asked me to wait or delayed the services for any reason .

Infact to begin with when I had an aid to be fitted for my son , when he was just two years old , I had a lot of apprehension and queries and to be true  I guess i was in depression , thinking how things will

move for him . I must mention Audiologist at UHear were always there to help and guide us all through adding a personal touch to everything .Today my son is 5 and a half year

old , doing very well among  his peers.I am really thankful for everything to UHear for being always there . I would recommend it strongly to all those who are looking for a professional and at the same time

a friendly approach to your hearing problems . 

"Helpful, friendly and professional service provided today. Solved the problem with hearing aid belonging to our visitor in super quick time. Thank you"

"I found these lovely people when I was quite desperate and lost. My sixteen year old daughter had had no voice for three or four weeks. I was confused and terrified. After consulting numerous specialists,

I was advised that she needed a speech therapist and was referred to them. There was no formality of making appointments or waiting. They saw us immediately and scheduled the first session. I found them

very caring and helpful, and also miracle workers as my daughter's voice returned during the very first session. I will always remember them fondly and with much gratitude. They are friendly and helpful people

who I will always count amongst my friends."